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Nicola Godman


In the weekend our MA1 exhibition Halftime opened on . I'm showing my new video work Avstyckningen (the severing) that you can see in full length on the website. The exhibition is up all summer so feel free to take your time to fully browse all 14 artist's works. <3

I'm very happy and excited to launch the publication Temporary Country Life! Join us for the release and a saloon night at Tender Center Rotterdam on Saturday October 26. The publication tells the story of Zuidas Cowboy, a performance by Nicola Godman and is designed by Bram van den Berg. During the evening art historian and writer Sietske Roorda will give a talk on cross-dressing in the American West. The bar runned by Emotional Channel will be stocked with whiskey (as well as lighter drinks) and queering country tunes will be played by dj cowbell.

The publication includes texts by feminist art critic Sietske Roorda and historian Maarten Zwiers. With image contributions by Jakob Ehrlich and Martin Kofoed Pedersen and photography by María de Brea. Also, an interview with a real Prairie Woman - Luella Godman.

You can order it by sending an email to smaller.jpg
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Launch of the publication Temporary Country Life at Tender Center Rotterdam.

From the exhibition Peripheral Points of View in July at the Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro.
They Man-Made It, So I Exist - Group exhibition at puntWG Amsterdam
Tree Slice installed at LAPS office, Gerrit Rietveld Academie