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Nicola Godman

I work in a crossover of mediums (installation, sculpture, video, performance) where the works I create are sites or landscapes in themselves and are site-specific in that they reflect on their location. The projects are made in relation to a chosen site, using a field research approach where I search for details and relations that might otherwise be overlooked.

The main subject of my work is land cultivation and the perception of land. This is sprung out of a farming upbringing in a touristic area and a feeling of misrepresentation, when the struggle of the local inhabitants to live in a rural area (at the same time as for example hospitals and schools are shutting down) is overlooked in providing a beautiful landscape to have a holiday in. The motive of my work is to create a more nuanced image of landscapes, one that deviates from the romantic and spins further than the bland reportage.

- Nicola Godman