© 2016 - 2021
Nicola Godman

Project 2020-2021
in collaboration with Josefin Gäfvert

Lammgiftet or Lamb Gift in English is a project that takes the the starting point of the traditional thatched sheep house Lambgifte that can be found on the Swedish island Gotland. As artist both growing up on the island, we wanted to reassess the cultural historical building, which is seen as an 'authentic' part of the local identity. Working with video and weaving in wool, we intersected our different practices, sprung out of field research to sheep houses on the Gotlandic countryside.

The project was presented in Kårgalleriet at Konstfack and as a show curated by Flat Octopus at CRUM Heaven, Stockholm.

Video projection on wool/linnen weavings

Presentation Kårgalleriet, Konstfack

Handspun wool, weaving, found painting of a Lambgifte, 3d prints

Installation Crum Heaven, photo Amr Hamid

photo Alice Máselníková