© 2016 - 2021
Nicola Godman

The Spirit, The Lamp & The Permanent Inhabitant
HD Video, 2021
10:43 min, 5 channel sound

In the film we follow the camera in a low movement around a designer house in a coastal environment. We enter inside through a cold fireplace and uncanny tunes accompany the lingering movement across the floor. A lamp is turned on and the seemingly still life is interrupted by a choir of voices chanting in an ancient language.

For the film project, I've spent periods in the touristic area of northern Gotland in Sweden, doing field research in the off-season, reading local folklore and writing a film script. Camera, editing, music and sound design by Nicola Godman. Project supported by Film Gotland.

photo Erik Viklund

Video stills from The Spirit, The Lamp & The Permanent Inhabitant