Weekly Report
Surfing the Net on The New Prairie

Screenshot 2015-12-08 kl. 13.08.54Sitting writing in a café at the New Prairie

Writing at the moment, in real time, from a café inside the building complex of Student Experience, at the location of The New Prairie. For the first time I’m sitting inside writing on The New Prairie, it’s warm, I’m drinking a hot coffee and from the speakers there’s a mix of radio hits including ‘Get up all night to stay lucky’. There’s an interesting blend of interiors, ranging from small eating boots, white glitter christmas trees, green tropical plants and hanging gymnastic ropes in circles. Some groups of people, that seem to be office workers from the neighbourhood, are eating lunch and drinking wine. Looking outside of the window, southwards, there’s a patio and below the same old canal running east- west. A seagull is flying in circles over the water. Arriving to The New Prairie before going inside, I took my usual walk around to see what’s happened since I was here last. Grass is now growing on the edges around the building and in the northwest corner they have planted some small trees. Inside the courtyard, the tropical garden seems ready and in the middle there’s an island with palm trees and a big buddha statue.